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Because modern technology like computers and home appliances have been evolving at such a rapid rate, it sometimes takes a little time for everything else to catch up. This includes your hardworking breaker panels, which serve to distribute power throughout the house. If your panel is outdated or corroded, it will not be able to supply the energy you require to light your home, cook food, or keep it warm and cool. You should seek out dedicated Houston electrical panel services from our knowledgeable techs at Cravens Electric

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Does Your Breaker Panel Require an Update?

Sooner or later, all good things come to an end, and this includes even the most powerful breakers and panels. When this occurs, it is important to quickly replace your corroded or damaged panel with a new one. Because modern devices have made such leaps and bounds in the last few years, it might be that your appliances require too much power from your current panel even if it is relatively new. 

A few indications that your panel requires an update include:

  • The breakers will trip multiple times in a day
  • You can hear popping, crackling, buzzing, or snapping from the breakers
  • The panel is letting off a burnt smell or an odor of melted plastic
  • The panel shows visible signs of scorching
  • There are melted wires attached to the panel
  • Your panel specifically trips when used with recently acquired appliances and devices

The Importance of Having Your Outdated Breaker Panels Replaced

While it is never good to have a panel that is not quite up to par with your service requirements, certain panels have been outlawed due to their potential for safety hazards. For example, Federal Pacific panels, which can often be found in older homes throughout Texas, are known for causing thousands of fires every year. This is because over 25% of these panels refuse to trip when there is a sudden surge. 

Upgrading your breaker panel is a great investment for any home or business in the Houston area. A breaker panel provides your electrical system with reliable protection and performance. By upgrading to new breaker panel components such as circuit breakers, you can enjoy increased safety and greater energy efficiency. You will be able to detect potential problems before they become more serious and possibly more expensive to repair. An upgraded breaker panel can also give you improved system flexibility if you have an older home or building that needs additional outlets for new equipment, upgrades, or remodeling projects. With the right breaker panel in place, you can take advantage of modern technologies in an old form factor that ensures lasting value for your property.

Other panels, like the GTE-Sylvania, manufactured by Zinsco, are especially prone to overheating. This causes the breaker to melt into the bus bar, in addition to melting its contacts. Because the breaker cannot trip, countless accounts of electrocution and electrical fires have been attributed directly to these malfunctioning panels. While any outdated panel is risky, these brands have been specifically proven to pose a significant safety threat. If your home is still using one of these panels, do not delay in reaching out to dedicated electrical specialists. Our team at Cravens Electric is ready to provide you with a superior replacement to protect your family.

Experiencing Brownouts?

What They are and What They Signify

You may have heard of a blackout, where all of your power goes out, but have you heard of a brownout? While a blackout is a total loss of power, a brownout is a temporary dip in voltage. There are many types of brownouts, but we’re going to focus on the type that indicates a problem with your electrical system.

Are you noticing a temporary loss of power when you run multiple appliances? This is a brownout, and if you’ve noticed it more than once, it’s likely you need an electrical panel replacement/upgrade. Your panel cannot handle the load your appliances are demanding. This can actually cause damage to your appliances.

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